2 Easy Ways to Style Your Locs

Dreadlocks have been a way of styling and maintaining hair for many years by many different people for many different reasons. For some people it's for religious reasons, for others it's just the only thing they have known all their life and for others too it's seemingly an escape from having to overly manipulate their hair. 

Dreadlocks are made up of all the hair follicles that are wound each other. This means that there is little no hair loss and you get to retain your length. Dreadlocks take patience and care (most people don't know this) to grow and maintain. Even though hair may be in dreadlocks it still needs to be washed, conditioned, and moisturised. 

Carol meets up with Zubi, owner of 3130 Naturals and an expert on natural hair. They discuss dreadlocks and share two very easy ways to style hair. 

Washing, conditioning and moisturising dreadlocks should be done as often as you would regular hair (it is still hair). According to Zubi you should avoid using heavy cream based product in your dreadlocks. This will cause product build up in your dreadlocks, build up leaves your hair flaky and heavy. To get rid of product build up, a apply cider vinegar and warm water solution is advisable to get rid of build up. 

She also advises that if you want to start dreadlocks or experiment on your locs in anyway you should do as much research as you can to help you make informed decisions. If you still need further understanding you should call up your loctician for some advise. 

In the video Carol and Zubi go into a bit more detail about locs and Zubi styles Carol's hair for two everyday occasions; date night and corporate. Your dreadlocks can look amazing anywhere you need to be. 

The Discovery Kit from Pure Persona by Nana is ideal for dreadlocks. All the three components of the Discovery Kit, The Cleansing Shampoo, The Caring Conditioner and The Everyday Nourisher; are light and fluffy so will not cause product build up. Like regular hair your dreadlocks need moisture. The Caring Conditioner and Everyday Nourisher increase and maintain the moisture in your dreadlocks for a significant amount of time. The Discovery Kit has been proven to work for all types and styles of hair and dreadlocks are definitely not left out. 

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