3 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Silk Bonnet

A silk bonnet is protective headwear for all types of hair. It's not something that only naturalistas should be conscious of. 

Yes, maybe they may be more conscious than most but all types of hair need the protection that a silk bonnet provides. First off what is a silk bonnet? A Silk Bonnet is a covering for hair. This helps protect any hair styles you may have or your natural curls. Silk is used because it doesn't cause any friction with your hair. The lack of friction maintains moisture which prevents breakage. 

Here are three main reason you should make it a habit to wear your silk bonnet. 

1. No Knots - The friction that your cotton pillowcases creates with your hair knots up the strands of your hair. Once hair of any type knots up, it's a hassle for anyone to detangle without loosing some hair. The process of detangling may lead to unnecessary strain on your hair, so wear your bonnet to help prevent that. 


An image of 1 reason to wear silk bonnets. The reason is it prevents your hair from the tangles that cotton pillowcases can cause. Fairy Knots? Don't Know her 

2. No Breakage - The friction caused by your cotton pillowcase dries out your hair. Losing moisture is never an ideal situation for any type of hair. The silk bonnet protects your strands from the friction, retains the necessary moisture and keeps your hair from breaking. That's what we all want. Make it a point to wear your silk bonnet as you go to bed tonight. 


This is the second reason to wear a silk bonnet. It prevents dry hair and breakage. And that's on locking in moisture


3. Full Edges - We all love our edges, laying them (we will have a discussion about that a bit later) and slicking them to perfect our hairstyles. We don't give our edges the moisture that it needs. This makes it very prone to thinning out. This in the long run causes hairlines to recede and no one wants that. The silk bonnet is able to protect that very vulnerable part of hair from drying out and thinning out. Protect and maintain your edges. 

This is the third reason for wearing a silk bonnet. It prevents your edges from thinning. Its the edges for us.


Your hair, all textures of hair need to be protected to help it maintain its moisture, natural curls and overall beauty. 

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Sign up and don't forget to use your silk bonnet every night. 

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