3 Ways To Prevent Heat Damage To Your Curls

We all like to see our hair long and flowing but some of the things that we have to do to get our hair that way can be very damaging! Our hair may seem super tough and strong but it is fragile and needs you to take great care of it. 

What is Heat Damage? Simply put, heat damage occurs when heat is applied directly to hair at high temperatures and destroys the natural curl of hair. Once hair has been damaged by heat, it usually won't return to it's natural state! Yeah, heat damage takes away your curls and that, dear friend is a tragedy! 

We know that sometimes we want to have our hair at its full length and heat may be the only way to do it. If you have to use heat here are 3 ways to prevent Heat Damage! 

1. Prep Your Hair!

Your hair should never ever be treated with heat if it has not been properly moisturised!

Applying heat to dry hair or already damaged hair will only cause it to break. Make sure that all the products that you use for your hair are deeply moisturising.

Here's a quick tip...use the Pure Persona By Nana Discovery Kit's Everyday Nourisher to help prep your hair for the application of heat. This product is deeply moisturising and helps you hair retain as much moisture as it needs. Moisture prevents the direct impact of heat to your hair. 


2. Use a Temperature Controlled Tool

If you are using a heating tool make sure that you can properly regulate the temperature of the tool. Make sure your tool, blow dryer or straightener is not above 365°F. Do not let the temperatures of the tools that you are using get too high. These high temperatures reduce the moisture in your hair and increases the chances of damage! 

3. Work In Sections!

Give small amounts of your hair heat at a time. This will give you an idea of how your hair reacts to heat. Taking it in sections would straighten the hair without you having to use so much heat. It may take more time but you shouldn't worry about that, your hair will stay healthy. 

Heat Damage is damage we can keep away from our hair. Be sure to constantly keep your hair moisturised. The Discovery Kit from Pure Persona By Nana is a set of deeply moisturising hair products that promise to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Made with all natural ingredients; the Cleansing Shampoo, Caring Conditioner and Everyday Nourisher, are chemical free and toxin free and give your hair as well as scalp the care and nourishment that your hair needs to grow and be healthy. 

There are other ways to straighten you hair without using extreme heat and we will discuss that later. 

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