5 Ways to Retain The Length of Your Hair

All types and textures of hair can be as long as possible, if only you do what your hair needs and you leave it to do the rest. Long natural hair is attainable and here are 5 ways to retain the length of your hair. 

1. Trim Your Ends 

Yeah, cut it, here's why it's a good practice. The ends of your hair are the weakest and oldest parts of your hair. These old strands are the major cause of split ends and these split ends cause breakage. When split ends are removed there is a lower likelihood of breakages. Reduced breakage means more length retention. 

2. Be Gentle With Your Hair 

As you detangle your hair, with your hands and not a comb, be very gentle. The ends of your hair are the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair and can easily break if they are overly manipulated. 

3. Sleep with Satin or Silk

Cotton maybe more comfortable but the friction between your hair and the material can cause dryness and breakage. Always wrap your hair in a silk scarf or wear a silk bonnet. If you are anything like me and the scarf is on the floor in the morning use a silk pillow case or tie the scarf securely around the pillow and have a good night 

4. Keep Your Hair Moisturised

Moisturised hair is healthy hair. Healthy hair has a good amount of elasticity which prevents future breakage. Reduced breakage = increased length. You could also deep condition weekly or bi-weekly, this will deeply moisturise your hair and check the moisture-protein balance in your hair. 

5. Wear Protective Styles 

Protective styles keep the ends of your hair tucked away and safe from breakage. These styles will reduce the level of manipulation such as brushing, combing and re-twisting on your hair. Even when your is in protective styles like braids, weaves, crotchet braids or clip in make sure to take care of your hair or you might have more damage than you started with. 

Long hair is attainable you just need to be patient with your hair and take care of it whiles you wait. 

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