From Soft Afro To Soft Locs

Natural hair is for everyone and the journey to getting the hair you desire is completely up to you. 

Carol had regular 4c hair that was soft, and in her own words was like 'cotton candy'. With hair like hers the humidity levels in the atmosphere either kept her hair very moist or made it quite brittle. The moisture concerned her because her hair would shrink but the dryness meant her hair would break. As someone not too diligent with hair care routines, her hair was not getting the love it needed. After what seemed to be a long time, she made the decision to get micro locs and she has not looked back since. 

She has always wanted her hair to have length and with her micro dreadlocks she has the chance to watch her hair grow inch by inch. 

Dreadlocks are low maintenance but that doesn't mean no maintenance. 

Dreadlocks of any kind need moisture, oils and care. Carol uses the Pure Persona by Nana® Discovery Kit for her hair. We caught up with her to give us a quick review. 

'Honestly, my hair felt so soft and clean. It wasn't dry at all and it felt very well moisturised. Usually the shampoos leave my hair dry but when I was done with the first watch I couldn't believe how moisturised it felt.' 

The Cleansing Shampoo, Caring Conditioner and Everyday Nourisher work with any type of natural hair to gently lift dirt from your scalp, rejuvenate, repair and moisturise your hair. 

The Discovery Kit works on all types of hair, relaxed or natural. It gives the same wonderful effect and keeps hair clean and healthy. 

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  • Love this epidose where Carol Ann shares her hair story ❤️

    Abena Amoateng

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