How To Do Simple & Neat Cornrows

Cornrows are some of the oldest and most effective protective styling that we have available to us. 

Cornrows are basically long braids that are attached to your scalp because of the braiding process. It is a go-to protective style for most people because it reduces the amount of manipulation that your har will experience if it was left unbraided. The less the manipulation the easier it is for your hair to grow and stay healthy. 

Cornrows have been a major part of the African heritage, from showing the tribe you are a part of to showing your social standing. This hair style is still going strong today. There are so many variations of cornrows that it is really impossible to take away from the true beauty that some expert braiders can invoke from these braids. 

Even though cornrows are amazing protective styles if they are installed too tight or are in for too long they can cause some damage to your hair. It's advised not to have cornrows in for more than two to three weeks and make sure the edges aren't braided too tight. 

Maintaining your cornrows are simple. Keep it wrapped in a silk scarf or bonnet or sleep with a silk pillowcase. This will keep it from frizzing and becoming messy. 

Make sure never to do your cornrows with dry hair. Dampen you hair and use a moisturising sealant, like the EveryDay Nourisher from the Discovery Kit to keep your hair nice and moist as it is being braided. Get your hair done and keep it moisturised with the Everyday Nourisher so order your Discovery Kit now.

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