Lawyer Turned Yogi Talks Self Discovery and Personal Journies

Pure Persona by Nana® was founded by a woman who has had a global experience of what it means to be a black woman, to be both loved and to a person of interest basically because of differences, this is something that the founder of Bliss Yoga Accra can also relate to. 

Bliss Yoga Accra was founded by Nana Amoako Anin to be a space for wellness and well being for anyone who chooses that path for themselves. There is a wide range of services that are offered at Bliss Yoga Accra for individuals and corporate institutions. 

Nana Amoako: My name is Nana Amoako Anin. I'm recently from Ghana and I own Bliss Yoga Accra which is a full service yoga studio, here in West Africa in Ghana.

Nana: What is beauty to you? I mean we have talked, being an African woman is one thing, how does it come full circle in terms of beauty?

Nana Amoako: Growing up in a culture in America or Europe where the conception of beauty is something else, I think my perception of beauty was when I finally understood that I can claim this visage and I can share that it is beautiful to be a dark woman, to have natural hair. I think some of the most beautiful that I have ever practised with, that I have ever worked with have such inner peace. People should understand it is not just something that you buy and you apply to your hair, it is around somebody's journey and that makes it more beautiful, makes it more necessary, makes people want to want that more. 

Nana: I am so grateful, so so grateful, that's really what Pure Persona by Nana really is. It really is about Nana's journey, it is a journey and we are journeying together and it just happens to be a hair care brand, but really it's a journey. I can't reiterate how much of all this is a process. 

Creating Pure Persona by Nana® and starting Bliss Yoga Accra did not happen in a blink of an eye, these establishments took time. You as an individual needs to take time to allow yourself to grow and figure out what works for you and enjoy your journey. 

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