Maiden Customer Appreciation Brunch Hosted By Pure Persona By Nana

Pure Persona By Nana® has always been a customer centric brand and this brunch was just another way for us to show our customers that we love them and most importantly to make sure we were given them exactly what they want. 

Our maiden Customer Appreciation Brunch was held at Sandbox (so pretty), and we could not have been more excited about it. There were cocktails, amazing food and the best part is that our customers became family. It was a major line that we all crossed and we couldn't have crossed over at a more important time.

The feedback we received was priceless, our customers shared what they wanted from us as brand, the products that they wanted us to come up with and so many other great pieces of advise. 

Zubi (our favourite natural hair her) was there giving advice on what to do and what not to do to your hair. She also styled some guests hair and as usual it was just beautiful. 

Natural Hair being styled with gold flecks

The highlight of our day was being able to get feedback from the people that have continuously held us up and supported us, been there for us and who have trusted us to give them the products that they need to give their hair the love that it desrves. 

I wish I could spill all the tea that was poured out but yooooo you would have have to wait. Pure Persona By Nana® is stepping into the future and we couldn't be stepping into it without the support of the customers that still believe in the reality that we are building. 

After all this, have you placed your order for your Discovery Kit? If you haven't I would recommend that you do that right now; you need to experience what the excitement is about, because it is totally worth it. Who knows you could be joining our next Customer Appreciation Brunch, because you wouldn't want to miss it. 

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