Nana Konamah Boateng: Her Early Years And Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Pure Persona By Nana® was started with the passion and love of Nana Konamah Boateng. 

She is a visionary and a believer in the goodness and growth potential of all people. Nana shares her story from birth to this point in her life. She talks about her formative years in Ghana before her family moved to the United States and her move back to Ghana.

Nana Konamah has been through many transitions from living in Ghana, to living in America and moving back. All the experiences, challenges and frustrations that came with this move have all been factored into the life that she has now and the journey that she is going on.  

You didn't know this but Pure Persona by Nana® was a five year project before it was brought out into the world. Nana sat with this and perfected it to the place where she knew that she was ready to share herself and her beliefs with the world. It was not a simple, okay this product is done now let's go to market. No, what she was about to share through the Discovery Kit was herself. It was her passion, her journey and her love that she was putting into three little, but powerful black bottles. 

It wasn't not scary but the belief she had in her vision for Pure Persona by Nana® was stronger than the fear she had of failing. She's taken the plunge and we are all on this journey with her. The Discovery Kit is just the beginning of the range of products and services that Pure Persona by Nana® has for you. 

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