Nana Konamah Boateng Promotes Self Love and Self Care In Glamour Magazine



Beauty and Lifestyle entrepreneur behind Pure Persona, Nana Konamah epitomizes being intentional about self-love, authenticity and holistic self-care in the latest Glamour South Africa October edition.

This issue of Glamour serves as a gentle reminder for us all to take a deep breath and do what makes us feel good as the year has been a tough one.

Nana Konamah has been a strong advocate for redefining the narrative of self-care for the modern African Woman. On any given day, the world is likely to watch, hear and read about her pursuing initiatives that are all about ensuring that everyone is living a holistic and healthy lifestyle. 

A Master’s degree holder from Columbia University switched from a career in medical research, health policy and renewable energy to follow her dream in the wellness, lifestyle and beauty. 



In June 2020, after five years of nurturing and planning her dream, Nana Konamah launched her beauty brand Pure Persona by Nana.’ Inspired by the Akan Adinkra symbol ‘Sankofa,’ translates to "go back and get it", the brand thrives on beauty, confidence and dedication, whilst seeking one’s inner beauty. 

Her brand celebrates ancient secrets of Africa passed down from generation to generation using pure natural ingredients to serve health-conscious products that empowers the mind, and body, and also enriches the soul of the user. 

Pure Persona by Nana is a natural product made of premium ingredients formulated with the highest quality product to help reveal one’s personality through beautiful hair. The brand launched with ‘The Discovery Kit’ which comes power-packed with the Cleansing Shampoo, the Caring Conditioner and the Everyday Nourisher  for an easy, luxurious wash day.

In the October edition of Glamour South Africa which is quintessentially themed “Self-Care”, Nana Konamah lets the world in on her platform of unadulterated self-love, belief in one’s self and potential in everyone.

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