Learn Why Your Hair Routine Should Include Natural Glycerin

Natural glycerin is amazing for your hair and you can find it in Pure Persona by Nana®'s Caring Conditioner

Thank you for that question Diane! 

Natural glycerin is a colourless, odourless, thick water soluble liquid used in most cosmetic products. It is derived from animal products, plants as well as petroleum. Natural glycerin has the ability absorb moisture from your environment and into your hair. This property allows your scalp, hair and skin to maintain moisture and moisture aids in growth. 

Natural glycerin does an amazing job of preventing flaking as well as the prevention of dandruff. It's important in treating fizzy, dry and brittle hair. This undoubtedly promotes hair growth and strengthens hair. This ingredient is a multiple threat; it reduces the tendency of hair breakage, split ends and it gives your hair volume and bounce. 

This ingredient paired with the other ingredients in the Caring Conditioner takes amazing care of your hair and makes sure that your hair is growing in full health and lustre. So now you know what natural glycerin does for your hair be sure to look out for it in products you buy or better yet get the Discovery Kit which you are assured of a healthy dose of natural glycerin (just saying). Now you and Diane know what natural glycerin is, you are welcome. 

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