From First Ladies to Beyonce's Mother: Meet the Creator of Fashion Label Christie Brown

Pure Persona by Nana® is proud to be African and to be founded by a strong African woman, Nana Konamah Boateng and we are very proud to support and showcase other strong African women. 

Meet Aisha Ayensu, Founder and Creative Director of African Women's Wear Brand Christie Brown. She has been a leader in the women's fashion space for a long time and she breaks boundaries and strives to be better with every passing season. 

Nana: Was there ever a seminal moment when you discovered your Africaness? What was your turning point and what does that mean to you to be an African woman.

Aisha: It's just who we are, otherwise what else. It's just who we are and just being comfortable being ourself, it's in my DNA

Nana: It's you, it's your existence. 

Aisha: You know, someone ages ago, had said this African print thing is a trend. It's not a trend, it's not a trend for me. It's part of my identity. It's part of what I know, what I grew up seeing my grandmothers and I'm sure their mothers before wearing. Sometimes we can't let people trivialise the things that actually make us who we are and add to our identity. 

Nana: Even my hair, I get a lot of comments, this natural hair trend. I'm like, it's not a trend.

Aisha: It's not a trend.

Nana: Let's not trivialise who we are, let our Africaness be represented in how we care and but also let's not trivialise the very thing that make us African. 

These two strong women, understand that they have the right to take up space wherever they see fit and they are doing just that. You also should take up space with who you really are, and if there doesn't seem to be space, honey create the space and leave room for others like you to join you. 

Christie Brown is one the biggest names when it comes to women's fashion in Ghana, Africa and across the world. Staying true to her roots and who she is as a Ghanaian woman has allowed her to build a stage for herself that she gladly shares with other African women who share the same values as she does. 

Pure Persona by Nana® is here to let you be true to yourself, where you are, where you are headed and all that you want to become. 

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