This Afro-Latina Jewellery Designer Talks Hair, Identity and Beauty With Us


Pure Persona by Nana® is a brand that was founded to able to reclaim what we have been sometimes ashamed and felt unworthy to own; our own identity. The brand as well as its founder resonates strongly with individuals, who are strong in their identity and are not afraid to show it to the world. 

Meet Yarminah Rosa, co-founder, creative director of Purpose Rosa, as well as a jewellery designer. Purpose Rosa is a lifestyle brand dedicated to illuminating purpose in everyday people and things. They design original handmade jewellery, prints and postcards made using repurposed materials collected from their international travels. 

Yarminiah: So my name is Yarminiah and I'm a jewellery designer and entrepreneur. I'm Afro-Latina, my mum is Honduran and my dad is Puerto-Rican.

Nana: Did you always have this pride in your heritage?

Yarminiah: It was certainly always there because its in my family already, but I'll tell you a story about how I came to wear my hair out for the first time, like in public, because it was also something as a child that was like this needs to be tamed. You can't go out in the street like that.

Nana: And that word, tamed

Yarminiah: One day during lunch, two friends of mine, they asked me hey Yarminiah you always wear your hear in these twists, is that your hair? I'm like no it's not my hair, they are like what's your hair like outside of the twists. And I came to school with my hair out and they were like this is cool. I was like it is cool? Oh I can do this. To maintain natural hair there is a whole set of knowledge that women are fighting to learn. 

Nana: That women are trying to reclaim. 

Yarminiah: To reclaim

Nana: So we don't go natural, we return and we don't learn these things we reclaim it. Shea butter is not new, coconut oil is not new, right? It's a reclamation of something that potentially was lost. So what i hope Pure Persona will represent is a reclamation of our stories and of who we are, and by reclaiming that we will be able to engage in that introspection, so that we are able to seek and see the beautiful within ourselves for ourselves. 

Yarminiah and Nana are both women who through their respective endeavours seek to reclaim the narrative of the cultures that are strongly represented in what they create for the world. Yarminiah and her sister Yaminah, started Purpose Rosa to highlight purpose globally to help you see purpose in yourself. Nana Konamah launched Pure Persona by Nana® to encourage individuals to embrace their inner beauty. 

There is so much more within each individual that can be tapped and used for the greater, whatever the greater good is to them and these two brands, Pure Persona by Nana® and Purpose Rosa encourage their customers to do just that. 

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