Seek Your Inner Beauty

This is what we at Pure Persona by Nana® believe;

You are a work in progress, a masterpiece in the works, trust the process; as your talents and abilities become revealed to the world around you. You are allowed to define beauty for yourself, to find beauty in yourself, to draw from your unique experiences no matter what has been given to you. 

True beauty comes from deep within; deep within you. 

The responsibility of being an African woman, is a beautiful one. One filled with the richness of culture and heritage. You are making your ancestors proud. As you grow do not forget what has been passed down from generations upon generations. Your ancestors are you, for you are them. Never forget that, never forget where you come from.

Be proud of the skin you are in, the hair you wear. You will go where others have never been and see what others have never seen; but you must bring your community with you. You must pass on what has been passed on to you. Be aware that the journey may come with its own challenges, but you are equipped, for there will be no challenge too hard that you cannot bear. Be aware that the same blood that ran through Yaa Asantewaa runs through you. Pulsates with your heartbeat, is deeply entrenched in your heart, your soul, your very core being. 

Be truly aware that you are enough. 

This is what we stand for as Pure Persona by Nana® and this is what we offer to anyone who goes on this journey of self discovery and appreciation; an opportunity to love yourself deeply and wholly without holding back. An opportunity to seek your inner beauty. 

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