Shrinkage Is Good For Your Hair

Every single person with natural has some story or relationship with shrinkage. For most people with natural hair this is something that we have come to believe is bad for our hair. Contrary to what you have been made to believe, shrinkage isn't bad.

First off, what is shrinkage. Simply put, shrinkage is when hair reduces in length due to exposure to moisture as well as heat. Some people have very minimal shrinkage, others have it up 90% shrinkage, whatever amount of shrinkage your hair has it is healthy. 

First thing you need to do is accept your shrinkage. Shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. This means that your hair has a healthy amount of elasticity. The tighter or looser the curls of your the more or less shrinkage would affect your hair. 

Shrinkage is healthy it is a sign of the elasticity of your hair. If the shrinkage in your hair is very minimal it may be the texture of your hair or your hair may be damaged by heat or chemicals. Lack of shrinkage may also be a sign of protein deficiency in your hair. 

You may notice heat damage when you straighten you hair and once you wash it or apply water it does not return back to its natural curly/ coily state. 

You don't need to use heat or chemicals to straighten your hair, as this may damage your hair. Threading your hair is an amazing way to retain moisture as well as to showcase the length that you have. You can also do twist outs, bantu knots as well braid outs. These styles straighten out your hair without damaging your hair. 

Always remember to moisturise your hair. Moisture is needed to keep your hair healthy and to maintain the integrity of your coils and curls. The Discovery Kit from Pure Persona is a moisturising product that makes sure that your hair is well moisturised from wash to condition to styling. 

Don't be worried about the shrinkage of your hair, it's healthy. 

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  • I want to buy the Discovery Set


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