Trendy Fashion Shouldn't Break The Bank: DIY Fashion Queen Debbie Bjuku

Fashion isn't cheap but it shouldn't break your bank. This is what motivated Debbie, the DIY Fashion Queen, blogger and content creator to go down the path she's on now. 

Debbie's always loved fashion but breaking the bank to have it was not in the books. With a love she could not deny and her father as well as her brother's clothes she made the fashion she wanted to see. 

Following what you love and are passionate about is not always easy, but if you are sure in yourself that this is for you, GO FOR IT. 

As Debbie pursues fashion she makes sure not ignore her hair. She uses Pure Persona by Nana's Discovery Kit to keep her hair moisturised, replenished and rejuvenated. Natural hair and all types of hair need to be taken care of and maintained. The Cleansing Shampoo, which doesn't lather, gently lifts dirt from the scalp, the Caring Conditioner rejuvenates your hair replenishing nutrients and moisture and finally the Everyday Nourisher seals in the moisture and strengthens hair. 

Having healthy hair is just as essential to fashion as is the amazing clothes that you either buy or learn how to reconstruct like our DIY Queen, Debbie. 

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