Tribe Spotlight: Read Up On How This Ghanaian Model Maintains Her 4C Hair

Our Pure Persona By Nana® Tribe Spotlight is on Brigitte Appiah. Brigitte is a model, an entrepreneur, an actor and she assures us there's more but that would unfold with time. Brigitte is just who she is.

'I'm boyish because that's who I am. I'm girlish because that's who I am. I don't choose, I just am'. She is who she is and not ashamed to share that with the world. Brigitte sees the new women coming out in the world and she's here for them because she is one of them. Being a 'new woman' according to Brigitte, is being liberated in who you are and knowing that you are capable of so much more. Being true to who you are and not allowing yourself or society to stand in your way. Do what you have to do to make you feel alive and to be able to live in the moment.

As a model her hair has been transformed for many photoshoots but to keep it healthy and strong enough to handle all the manipulation that her hair endures, the Discovery Kit is the key. All the natural ingredients in Pure Persona's products give your hair all the vital nutrients and oils that it needs to stay healthy and to withstand any form of manipulation. The products in the Discovery Kit also helps hair retain moisture and repairs damaged hair, maintaining healthy hair. 

Get your Discovery Kit and allow your hair to be as liberated as you are. Our products are natural and work well with all hair types and textures. Sign up for our newsletter to get your healthy hair guide and weekly updates on everything Pure Persons By Nana®. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Pinterest to be inspired to be liberated and to seek your inner beauty. 

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