How Senanu Arkutu Built Her Love of African Themed Decor Into a Successful Business


Meet Senanu Arkutu, founder, owner and curator of Daar Living and a proud member of our Pure Persona By Nana® Tribe, a family dedicated to be their most authentic selves at all time. Daar Living, a Pan African home decor company was founded to Africanise the home decor industry and that's exactly what she is doing. 

'Representing Africa at all times in a visual way, is what I'm doing.' 

Senanu has always loved beautifully and carefully curated spaces and believes very strongly that this is something that everyone should have. Apart from her career, her pride and joy is in her motherhood. Being a mother is an aspect of her life that came later but one she will never change for all the wonderfully curated spaces in the world. 

'Craft, art and home decor have been passions since I can remember. A greatly put together room; a beautiful designed, functional piece always makes me smile.'

Her love for beautiful spaces as well as the belief in her dreams have brought her to a place where she can share her passion and love for with other people. 

'I really believe that one's space should be their haven,'

Senanu offers unique pieces that stay true to the African theme and visual experience she brings to every space. Personally Senanu is a woman who is strong and proud of her African roots. Her hair is her crown and she wears it with the pride that she has in her country and continent. 

She uses the Pure Persona by Nana Discovery Kit to give her hair all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and to grow healthy. 

Follow Daar Living to get your African themed home decor pieces, there's something on those shelves for everyone. Create a haven where your peace and comfort reside. 

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