Watch as our founder Nana Konamah shares her wash day

Wash day is here people!  Time to get our crown clean, healthy and thriving. Watch Nana as she treats her hair with the goodness of the Discovery Kit! 


Yes Kelly we are excited too 🥳  ! 

We are excited about wash day because it means our hair would feel like our hair again, (if you know you know). Let's be honest for a second, as a tribe we are supposed to be honest; there are some hair care products that are hyped and everyone loves but when you use it, it's not the same song you sing😰.  It either dries out your hair, strips your hair and sometimes your hair barely feels clean. We aren't trying to push our own products (well we are but...) we want you to know that we understand.

Pure Persona by Nana® products are made from natural ingredients that keep your hair healthy and luscious always. The Terrific Trio also known as the Discovery Kit has been perfectly formulated to compliment each other and give your hair all the goodness that it needs. These three come together to moisturise, strengthen, repair and most importantly lift the dirt from your hair. 

These products are made with all natural ingredients, are toxin and chemical free and have not been tested on any animals (no cute bunnies were harmed in the creation of the Discovery Kit ❤️  ).

We are conscious of the fact that as people our hair is a form of self expression and identity and we are not about to let just anything get into your hair. Why? Because we love you, that's why! You may have a healthy diet and work out like you are headed to the Olympics but if the products you use for your hair don't support the efforts you are making then, honestly you won't get the results you want your hair to achieve.

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