What Hair Means to Us

Hair is almost always the first obsession of every little girl. Our hair and everything that comes with it; growing, cutting or styling has created moments of bonding and community for people for as long as humans have been around. Hair has been used in African and Western communities as a sign of belonging, social standing, wealth and in most cases just as expression of self.

Getting your hair done takes time. Sitting for hours and talking to the other people forms connections we usually don't plan for. Some women take hours or days just to decide on a hairstyle, that they might have for just a few days or longer . That doesn’t really matter; what matters was that the hairstyles were loved. It can be the most tiresome yet fulfilling experience for many women and even for some men (deciding on a haircut isn’t as easy as it looks). There’s complaining but there are always smiles; and in very  few instances it may end in tears. 


Young woman braiding young man's hair


Our hair provides a very comfortable and safe space for connecting with other people. Mothers and daughters bond through hair and these days even the most daring fathers join in the love and care of their children’s hair. Just sitting and having a parent, sister or friend do your hair is something that brings about a joy that most people  understand and appreciate. The best part of having your hair done is looking at yourself and just saying…yes that’s a beauty. Thats a moment that everyone looks forward to after spending hours in a chair to get your hair done.

Your hair is the beginning of your self expression and the beliefs that you have. Cornrows, braids, twists, weaves, wigs; these are all the ways we style our hair no matter the texture. These styles are just the tip of the iceberg of the infinite forms and shapes that our hair can take. Sometimes you want a haircut, go for a  big chop, or sometimes you do something more permanent to it, whatever it is, it is an expression of who you are and what matters to you. Even with these choices, no hair style decision is a permanent one. A change of mind is the beginning of a new journey.



We change our hairstyles as an expression of what we feel, what we want, how we want to be seen and what we believe in. Our hair is an extension of who we are and should always be kept healthy. Learn what works best for your hair and what it needs from you to thrive and be healthy.

Love your hair, be free with your hair and don’t be too scared to either experiment with it or so something permanent to it. You need to be sure within yourself that this works for you. If you are looking for products to use for your hair, no matter the texture visit www.purepersona.com or if you need inspiration for your next amazing hairstyle visit social media pages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Subscribe to our newsletter and get all exclusive Pure Persona by Nana® information.

Comment below if you have any questions, concerns or you just want to share your hair story with us, we would love to hear it.

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