What Seeking Inner Beauty Means to Us

Pure Persona by Nana® believes very strongly in the uniqueness and individuality of people. It is in these differences that we are able to come together to cover each others short comings and lend a hand in order to help people develop themselves. 

What does seeking your inner beauty mean to you, we asked a few of our tribe members and this is what they had to say,

'Seek your inner beauty means loving yourself for you are, making decisions that you stand by and not letting what other people think matter.' - Norkor 

'We are changing all the time, so seeking your inner beauty is being true to yourself at that particular season in your life, whatever that may be. And to understand that we are allowed to change our mind.' - Efua 

'Beautiful is something that is true. So seeking truth within yourself, seeking the most honest form of expression or being or existence; as human, as a woman, as a being in this world,' - 

'Being free, being able to do what I love to do, no restrictions,'- Debbie 

'Not trying to be perfect and seeking out ways to be comfortable being myself and being present in the moment.' - Brigitte 

Your inner beauty can shine through if only you are willing to be honest with yourself and all the experiences, moments and people that have helped shaped you. Everyone's inner beauty is as distinct as a fingerprint and it's these differences that make everything worth it. 

What does seeking your inner beauty mean to you? Leave a comment below and maybe you could be one of the faces that our entire tribe gets to see. 

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