Using Black Soap For The Perfect Wash Day

Pure Persona by Nana® hair care products contain raw natural products such as cacao, shea butter, honey as well as love and care. Love of your hair and care of you. Our products are made of raw natural ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your hair, no matter the texture. 

Cacao ash is one of the leading ingredients in our Cleansing Shampoo, a member of the Discovery Kit Trio and is great for hair. What is cacao and why would I have the ash in my hair? That's a good question, you in the back who never raises your hand. Cacao is the more fermented form of raw cocoa beans. Yes, it's the same beans that are used for chocolate but cacao isn't chocolate. 


Cacao gives your hair a boost of magnesium which strengthens your hair and prevents hair loss. It also moisturises your hair, strengthens hair shafts and repairs damaged hair. The last magic trick it performs is in adding volume to your hair. 

The same good stuff that can be used to make chocolate is used in the Cleansing Shampoo to make sure that your hair is strengthened, moisturised, repaired and is not lost to manipulation. 

Cacao ash is one of the most active ingredients in Black Soap, which is great for your skin. We have found a way to make sure it works the same wonders for your hair. 

Get your cacao ash infused Cleansing Shampoo in the Discovery Kit and enjoy all the amazing benefits that cacao ash has for your hair. 

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